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Thank you for your interest in Stars&Stripes International School.
Our curriculum starts with the preschool class where the students are made into
international citizens in an environment surrounded by nature.
Children today are born and raised in society where technological and scientific
developments are never ending. However, with this wonderful modern way, comes
the reality of a multitude of stressors for the children. We at Stars teach the children
to overcome these difficulties through building each students’ self confidence as well
as their willingness to take on new challenges. The students will learn to develop a
strong sense of self and communicate positively with others.
We look forward to having you as a part of the Stars family.

CEO of Stars&StripesYumi Sukegawa


Bernis Scott


Misa Kawai

Concept Starting small and strong

Small and Strong
There are different styles of schooling available now including homeschooling, online classes, and tutoring.
In many western countries, especially if the school that the student is aspiring to go
to is an elite school, children can skip grades according to their . For those who are
aiming to become professional athletes, styles such as focusing on academic
studying in the mornings and taking sports lessons in the afternoons, is also
something that is done.
At Stars&Stripes International, we believe in each child’s potential and cater as much as possible to the needs of every individual.

Strengths 01

Aiming for high standardized test scores

Aim for students to achieve high scores on standardized tests such as
TOIEC, TOEFL, SAT and Eiken.

Strengths 02

Nurturing global citizens

Bring out each students’ full potential through the classes and aim to
become global citizens.

Operating CompanyAbout the Company

NameStars&Stripes English Ltd
AddressTokyo-to Fuchu-shi Fuchu-cho 2-25-10
FoundedNovember 2006



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